About SME Alliance

An alliance of SME associations from multiple countries.

Indonesia、Malaysia、Hong Kong、Thailand、Vietnam、Cambodia、China and counting.

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Products and services


An SME member in any country can now find SME partners from other countries to..

  • Promote its product in other countries
  • Distribute product in other countries
  • Import product in other countries
  • Resell its product in other countries

All the SME member need to do is join one of the local SME associations, which is a member of SME ALLIANCE.

What does the SME Alliance do?

  • Produce a blueprint for all SME associations to expand their business to other countries (cross border).
  • Provide a shared database of SMEs to applications of each SME association.

Cross border services include:

Logistics and Warehousing

Payment and Settlement

Trademark and Trustmark

Customs clearance and Import licenses

Sourcing and Promotion

Corporate identity verification